Fox aviation operates under stringent safety standards. All aircraft are maintained and serviced according to Original Equipment Manufacturer requirements in approved service centres.


pets allowed on board

Pets are always welcomed guests. Your cats, dogs and any other medium-sized domesticated animals are free to sit next to you while you fly.

24/7 customer service

Simple, fast and reliable. We are available for you 24/7 whether it is by email, phone, WhatsApp or social media.


Fox Aviation is a business aviation company with headquarters at Ljubljana International airport. The company was established in 2020 by a group of aviation professionals, former EASA CAA department heads, TRI – TRE Captains with over 10.000 hours of flight time, financial experts, and airplane owners with extensive knowledge of the industry and a dedication to customer service. We provide high-quality private jet charter services and airplane management by offering personalized services, customizable travel itineraries, with commitment to safety.
Our airplanes are meticulously maintained in cooperation with EASA Certified Maintenance Facility in Ljubljana i2i – 145 ( to the highest safety standards, and our flight crews are trained to ensure that each flight is smooth, comfortable, and safe. We are marketing our services through a combination of Avinode marketplace, advertising, social media, and partnerships with luxury hotels, concierge services, and other travel companies.
In summary, Fox Aviation is well positioned to meet the growing demand for high-quality private jet charter services in a competitive and dynamic market. We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional travel experience and delivering a solid return on investment to our stakeholders.


24/7 dispatch service
Flight Planning
Commercial or private operation according to EASA Air OPS Standards
Flight crew selection and coordination services
Airplane charter sales services if requested
CAMO services
Full Airplane Administration inclusive of checking and verification of all bills and invoicing
In addition to the above services, should you choose to operate your airplane with us, you will further enjoy the advantages of world-class services that include:
VAT and mineral oil tax exemptions (in case of a commercial operation)
Reduced fuel cost through professional destination-based fuel brokerage and management
Airplane charter sales services
Favorable insurance rates as a result of our large fleet
Competitive rates in crew training
Timely and transparent monthly invoicing
Available 24/7/365 for your flight bookings and flight changes
Airplane registration, de-registration, customs, and ferry flights
Control and overview over all internal and external matters regarding your airplane (crew, maintenance, dispatch, invoicing)